Eating Habits






One of the most important eating lessons we are taught as children is that we must never leave any food on our plates – that we must finish all our food at all costs. Did your parents tell you this? In Germany, children were told that the people in Africa would starve because they didn’t eat everything that was on their plate. Unhealthy eating habits are the result

The goal of that education is not bad at all: children should learn to appreciate food and to honor it. As a child, I remember that I only got dessert when I had licked the plate clean. When we “ate up” we were good children and pleased our parents. With those experiences of the past, a lot of mothers in Germany often eat what their children leave on their plates; they eat all the leftover food. But I know that is not only a problem of German mothers. The consequences of this behavior are obvious: it’s a very, very good way to gain weight and to get fat. Continue reading “Eating Habits”

Stress and Eating Habits

The Physical Stress Response During the initial waves of a stress attack, the adrenal medulla produces and releases the hormones adrenaline and noradrenaline. These hormones increase blood sugar levels, rapidly supply the brain and muscles with energy, accelerate the heartbeat, increase blood pressure – basically, your entire body enters a state of defensive readiness. During these initial waves of stress, the body may also experience a rise in libido. This often results in headaches for men. In order to calm the body from this first wave of stress, the hormone cortisol is released. Cortisol helps calm your nerves and prevents inflammation.

P1030326Chronic stress, however, means too much cortisol in the blood and this can have devastating consequences for your health. Imagine, for a moment, a room on fire. You call the fire department, they rush to the scene and extinguish the fire with tons of water. The fire is put out, but the water has destroyed everything in the room. Continue reading “Stress and Eating Habits”

Healthy Food

IMG_0097I assume that you know the difference between healthy and unhealthy food. I always recommend my clients to eat colorfully, with a lot of variation, and smaller amounts of meat, meat products and store-bought juices. It’s the amount you eat that matters, so eat moderately. These are very basic healthy eating instructions. Continue reading “Healthy Food”