Hypnotic Trance Changes Brain Patterns and Activity



Hypnosis is a change of state, there must also be some type of change in the brain and brain patterns. And there must be a way of seeing this change too.

In 2016, Spiegel and a team of researchers decided to prove their suspicions.

Spiegel’s Study: Brain Activity And Functional Connectivity Associated With Hypnosis

The purpose of the study was to try to identify changes in brain activity during the hypnotic state.

According to the study’s abstract, the team knew that hypnosis was associated with “decreased default mode network (DMN) activity,” and that people who were highly hypnotizable showed “greater functional connectivity between the executive control network (ECN) and the salience network (SN).”

From a group of 547 people, Spiegel and his colleagues chose 57 subjects – 36 with high hypnotizability and 21 with low hypnotizability.

Both groups were subjected to a series of fMRI (functional magnetic resonance imaging) scans under the same 4 conditions:

  • while resting
  • when recalling a memory; and
  • during two different hypnosis experiences guided by pre-recorded instructions

2008 Japan Tokio 5The results were fascinating.

Researchers noticed that 3 things were happening. Continue reading “Hypnotic Trance Changes Brain Patterns and Activity”

10 Misconceptions about Hypnosis

Whether you are learning how to be a hypnotist or thinking about going to a hypnotist/hypnotherapist for help, it is important to have a clear idea of what hypnosis is as well as what it is not. Whether you are learning how to be a hypnotist or thinking about going to a hypnotist/hypnotherapist for help, it is important to have a clear idea of what hypnosis is as well as what it is not. These can cause people to resist going into hypnosis.

  • Hypnotists have special powersIMG_8734
  • A hypnotist has control over the hypnotic client
  • You are asleep when in a hypnotic trance
  • A hypnotist could make you do anything and/or say anything
  • Hypnosis is truth serum
  • Only weak-minded people can be hypnotized
  • During hypnosis, you can be controlled to do things against your will
  • You will become stuck in hypnosis if something happens
  • You are not hypnotized if you can hear the hypnotist
  • You’ve tried hypnosis in the past and it didn’t work

Hypnotherapists have special powers

A hypnotist is a normal person who eats, sleeps, feels happy and sad, and loses their car keys. There is nothing special or magical about them at all. Hypnotists are trained to help guide people into a hypnotic state. Continue reading “10 Misconceptions about Hypnosis”

Gender Differences as a Source of Communication Problems

Today I will give you some information about gender and different communication styles. Feel free to write a comment about it.

Gender-specific communication differences are often a rich source of conflict in romantic relationships. Women communicate to maintain relationships while men communicate primarily to transmit information or in order to obtain information and then use it to display intellectual prowess.

A woman, who talks to a man about everyday occurrences that he deems trivial, is less interested in the actual exchange of information and more interested in how this exchange of information can help intensify the relationship. When the man misunderstands the woman’s intentions and consequently will not participate in a conversation that he find useless, he hurts her feelings and damages the relationship.

Women often ask men questions in order to express their interest in the man and simultaneously keep the conversation going. Women have a stronger relationship orientation and this is evidenced by their willingness to ask more personal questions than men. Continue reading “Gender Differences as a Source of Communication Problems”

Eating Habits






One of the most important eating lessons we are taught as children is that we must never leave any food on our plates – that we must finish all our food at all costs. Did your parents tell you this? In Germany, children were told that the people in Africa would starve because they didn’t eat everything that was on their plate. Unhealthy eating habits are the result

The goal of that education is not bad at all: children should learn to appreciate food and to honor it. As a child, I remember that I only got dessert when I had licked the plate clean. When we “ate up” we were good children and pleased our parents. With those experiences of the past, a lot of mothers in Germany often eat what their children leave on their plates; they eat all the leftover food. But I know that is not only a problem of German mothers. The consequences of this behavior are obvious: it’s a very, very good way to gain weight and to get fat. Continue reading “Eating Habits”

To overcome the feeling of a broken heart and heal yourself

Farewells belong to every life. There is no man who, in the course of his life, does not lose another person through death or separation. We have in these moments the feeling that our heart is broken. It takes time to heal it.

Sometimes, however, people cannot let go of the partner. They wait for him/her to come back. They often think of these people every day for many years and suffer from it. Often this is a consequences of a toxic relationship.

Unhealthy separations can make you sick.

Toxic relationships not only make the soul sick, they attack our physical health and are the catalyst for many, sometimes also serious diseases whose real cause is initially in the dark.

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